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Tommy Faragher (co-writer on most Sandshifter Music songs) now a Music Producer on the mega hit show "GLEE"!!

ASCAP Expo - 'Wonderful Thing' a selected song!

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Tommy Rox on Fox:

The whole company is full of GLEE for a member of the Sandshifter Family...our Cowriter/Colleague, the Grammy nominated songwriter/producer  

Tommy Faragher 

(pictured with Gail at ASCAP EXPO 2011) 


Gail and Tommy have over 15 songwriting awards together- heck, we stopped counting!

We are so happy for Tommy's recent success as powerhouse Music Producer for The Warblers hits on the unstoppable force that is GLEE. Tommy's first song for GLEE, (a cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream") went to NUMBER ONE

(Glee's biggest song to date) on Billboard's Digital Downloads chart. That success kept going with 11 other production numbers that all appear on the Dalton Academy Warblers album, which debuted at Number One on Billboard's Soundtracks chart...

selling over 1.3 million copies so far.


Way to go, Tommy! There are some more exciting opportunities in the works with Tommy & Sandshifter Music's Gail Vareilles. She and Tommy are working as music producers on new feature films, one of which starred Mickey Rourke & the team is also writing an album for artist Jovi Rockwell! (Jovi has recorded with Bruno Mars, Akon, Flo-Rida, Mims, Ne-Yo, Major Lazer and opened for Sean Kingston on worldwide tours.)  She is the featured singer on Wonderful Thing, No One's Content, Dizzy, Something Good and Baisez-Moi.


Read more about Tommy and his Glee-ful adventures HERE  

Stay tuned to Fox AND the next Newsletter for more:)


Shifting the Sand in HOLLYWOOD!

ASCAP EXPO 2011:  


 (more pix from Expo below)

"Wonderful Thing" was chosen as the subject of the ASCAP EXPO Music Feedback Panel and it was a Semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition in TOP 40/Pop!  Industry heavy-hitter Fred Mollin who sat on the review panel called it "a definite hit"!

"Move over Gwen Stefani!" says Suzanne Hilleary of Wacbiz Music about "Wonderful Thing"...

Brooke Tommy Gail
Sandshifter Creative Director Brooke Lundy, Tommy Faragher &  Gail ASCAP Expo 2011

New "Music Supervisor Friendly" Website: 

Check out all of Sandshifter's Catalog easier than ever! We have what you need for placements for any project...and if we don't, we'll write it for you! The music is nicely broken down in genres as well as featuring the useful instrumental tracks for each.


We have already seen how well some of our songs fit easily into setting the mood on TV&Film, phone apps, video games...and now our new exciting ad reel is also sure to show how our music could sell you on visions of new cars, tropical vacations, enticing beverages, you name it!  



Recent Charts & Awards


7of our songs (in 6 different genres) are now in the top 10 charts at Broadjam!

Because I Dreamed You in Dream Pop

Dream On in Classic Rock

Brand New Eyes in Classic Pop

No One's Content in World/Reggae/Caribbean

No One's Content" (instrumental) in World/Reggae/Caribbean

Home in Classic Country

 3 Days in Classic Pop




There are many more Sandshifter songs being nicely talked about and getting much interest:

"Game I Play"

(written by Gail, Tommy and Exit59 Music) is the 6th Song on a new mixtape by the powerhouse DJ Q-Jay (The Game, 50, Kanye)

 See a Video About the Project HERE   


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Posted on July 13, 2011 .