Sandshifter Music was founded by Gail Vareilles a prolific songwriter,  in 2005.   Sandshifter Music is a one stop music licensing library that has all precleared music with no sampling written by Gail Vareilles and other top songwriters in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami.

All professionally produced by top Grammy winning producers and written and co-written with hit songwriters.

“I came from a magical music background, with my father being a professional opera singer as a young man, my grandmother was a published songwriter, and my aunt was the first female disc jockey in the country and a record producer with hit singles on her resume.

I have always been a prolific poetry and prose writer even as a little girl, with a major in journalism and a passion for music. When a series of personal tragedies occurred in my life, a magical marriage of music and poetry came together in a therapeutic and inspiring way that is reflected in my soulful and lyrical style.”

Other collaborations:

Tommy Faragher, a many times Grammy nominated songwriter/producer and music producer on the hit show "Glee"; American Idol's top 7 finalist Tim Urban; Jovi Rockwell, who has collaborated with Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Mims, Akon, Major Lazer and Ne-Yo;   Youtube star and America's Got Talent top contender, Alex Boye;  Nickelodeon and Disney star Brooke Sorenson Sirius Radio and Radio Disney star Erin Bowman;  Youtube child star Angelic;  4 time Grammy nominated Producer Larry Dvoskin (David Bowie, Brandy, Van Halen, Ricky Martin, the Beach Boys, MTV, VH-1, and Sony pictures); Davey Faragher, Val McCallum and Pete Thomas of Elvis Costello’s band; Doug Derryberry-renowned music engineer, songwriter, producer and guitarist (Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, the Dave Matthews Band, Ben Folds Five, Vertical Horizon, Everything, Earth to Andy, etc.); Mac Gollehon- renowned trumpet player (Steve Winwood, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Hall & Oates, Chic, Madonna, Sheena Easton, Tina Turner, Paul Simon and Billy Ocean) to name a few; Matt Anthony of Engine Sound; hit songwriters Hugh Colocott and Jimmy Santis; BMG's and Green and Bloom artist Sash Blu and hit songwriters Noel Cohen and Joey Auch;   The Voice's Jacqui Sandell;  Universal Music's Natalia Kelly;  X Factor's Tara Simon; Sony Music's Kirsten Price




ASCAP PLUS AWARD Winning Songwriter

Music Producer with Tommy Faragher of a film starring Mickey Rourke
Music Producer and songwriter: For major reggae/pop star Jovi Rockwell
Music Producer and songwriter: For American Idol's Top 7 artist, Tim Urban

Artist Cuts:

Cuts on several major new artists albums including most recently a cut on Natalia Kelly's CD released on Universal Records, April 2013

Disney/Nickelodeon actress, Brooke Sorenson of "Modern Family" releases 2 Sandshifter Music songs, "No Ordinary Sky" and "3 Days"

Film/TV Licensing: many songs licensed to film and TV:

"Beautiful Dream" sung by American Idol's Tim Urban released in a Farrelly Brothers feature film "movie 43"

"Brand New Eyes" in Channing Tatum’s trailer for “The Vow”,

"Fantastic" in "Odd Brodsky”

"Reminds Me Of Home" in "The Backup Bride"

"Game I Play" in "Hit a Lick"

"Lemonade" in "Drop Off"


TV Placements include: ABC TV’s Colgate Skating Series, Discovery Channel’s Countdown to UFC, Alaska Wingmen,  The Bad Girls Club (Oxygen Network),  TLC Network’s “Say Yes To The Dress”, Nickelodeon’s Latin hit “Grachi”,  Gossip Girls,  MTV’s Quiero Mi Boda,  DIHD’s “What’s My Car Worth?”, TLC’s “Our Little Family” and “Dogs 101”,  and placements on Univision, Fox, Netflix, Hulu, NickJr, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

Recent commercials:

Hyatt Hotels ad, Polo Ralph Lauren ad, Essilor ad, Simon Malls, KAO Global

Video Games/Apps:

Cristiano Ronaldo video game,  Story Chimes childrens reading app



Player Man- currently playing on several radio stations in the Netherlands and England, including the legendary Tony Blackburn’s KCFM

"Lemonade" on Disney Radio

"Drivers Seat" on Sirius Radio XM among other stations


SONG AWARDS: (Over 30 time award winning songwriter)

"Surrender"- a finalist in the International Songwriting Contest in Adult Contemporary Music 2018

"Lemonade" a #2 hit on the Billboard charts in Gospel

"Crazy Up", a finalist in the International Songwriting Contest in 2013 for Pop/Top 40!

"Broken Places" a semi-finalist in the Song of the Year Contest

"Crazy Up" (kids version), a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for children's music

Wonderful Thing- a recent semifinalist in the International Song Competition in Top 40/Pop

"Lucky Man" sung by American Idol's Tim Urban, a winner of the Hollywood Music In Media award for pop 2012

"Surrender", a Finalist in the IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) in AAA/Alternative

"Wonderful Thing", a selected song for the ASCAP EXPO mixed genre panel 2011

"Wonderful Thing"- a semifinalist in the Songwriters Beat- Feel the Music Song Contest

Wonderful Thing- a Hollywood Music In Media (HMMA) nominee in Reggae

Because I Dreamed You- Finalist in the Great American Song Contest

Because I Dreamed You-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest-Best Love Song

Because I Dreamed You, www.ilike.com’s fastest spreading song (unsigned artist) for several months

No One’s Content- Billboard World Song Contest (honorable mention) and runner up in the Song of the Year contest - (World Music)

No One's Content- Over 50 awards on Garageband including #2 best all time dance track in Reggae

No One's Content- a Hollywood Music In Media (HMMA) nominee in Reggae

Better With a Man- Billboard World Song Contest (honorable mention) and runner up in the Song of the Year contest/R&B

Blast- Top-5 Finalist in the Song of The Year Contest
(Adult Contemporary/Pop)

If You Don’t Fly-USA Songwriting Competition Finalist (Gospel/Inspirational)

If You Don't Fly- Songwriter Universe-Top 5 Song of the Month

Quiet Place- Honorary Award Winner in the Great American Songwriting Contest (Adult Contemporary/Pop)

Shakedown Of The Heart- runner up in the Song of the Year contest/pop

She’s Not Me- Runner-Up in the Song of the Year Contest (Country)