"Forever Golden" featured on Music Xray podcast!

My song "Forever Golden" is high trending on Music Xray and here it is featured at 2:50! 

MusicXray is featuring my high trending song "Forever Golden" on their podcast! Starts at 2:50. Cool remix of it available too. Mike butchered my name but who doesn't? (For the record, it's pronounced Varay)


Posted on October 22, 2015 .

Amazing review on Taxi.com for "Forever Golden"

WOW! Gail I am almost speechless. Your lyrics are incredibly well written, and emotionally connect with me....and potentially with many others.

"All of us are right where we belong (This moment is big but its not long)
you and I together we are strong we can do it in our own way do it in our own way dancing in a ring to the beat".

I just got chills reading that! Love it!

Overall Comments

Hi Gail - I am happily forwarding this song on over for consideration. You do a fine job of writing and producing a song that has the potential to connect with many. Your lyrics are timeless, poetic and visceral, while maintaining a high commercial appeal. Beautiful work Gail!

Bio Comments

Top notch Gail. Great work

The main reason(s) you were or were not forwarded for this listing is:

Song has highly marketable qualities

Listen to "Forever Golden"

Posted on October 4, 2014 .